DLT will be live soon


Dear Valued Partner,

As per TRAI New Rules each company/enterprise must be enrolled with DLT platform for sending SMS else sms might not get delivered. So You must complete Entity and Header (Sender ID) registration as Phase 1 to below link


Step 1) Create account and fill up proper details/documents
  • Select “No” on the link below when it shows “Are you already registered as a Principal Entity?”
  • Add Proper details and upload Documents as per guidelines.
  • Submit and Login Successfully after all steps
Special Notes:
  • Please Read each and every instruction carefully.
  • If Mail is not received for verification, kindly check mail after try after 1-2 hours.
  • If OTP is not received at the time of login kindly try after 1-2 hours.
  • It will take a few days for the entire process.
Step 2) Select Telemarketer & Add Header
  • 2.1 After successfully login to your Principal Entity/Enterprise account and
  • Select Telemarketer(TM) as WIT Solution with below Telemarketer id.
Gateway DLT Portal Telemarketer Name Telemarketer id
VODAFONE IDEA https://www.vilpower.in/ WIT Solution 1102543930000018344
  • 2.2 Then after make 6 Letter Header(sender id) registrations with Type “Others” (Service or Transactional)
  • 2.3 Once they are approved plz share mail us on info@witsolution.in with cc to info@allbulksms.in with subject “Headers Approved on DLT” and mention only Our SMS Panel login Number (mobile) in Body part of mail
Special Notes:
  • As per new Govt. rules, You can create only available sender id (headers) with proper format(6 Letters alphabetic only)
  • If your desired sender id is not available. You need to try another one.
  • If header (sender id) is not approved/Rejected even after 2-3 days, Please contact us.